I like chilled ginger ale. I like Tom Tom on the roof. I like Goro-san of the North. I like basketball. I like a cat on the windowsill. I like French crullers. I like white shirts. I like Lynch's films. I like yellow creatures. I like little dinosaurs. I like Beatniks. I like the night of the northern lights. I like popcorn at the theater. I like beautiful River. I like smell of summer. I like December in the clear air. I like from the shores of the moon to the burning desert. I like The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. I like road movie. I like charming men. I am ensou.



    Federico García Lorca

    known as Federico García Lorca [b] (English: /ɡɑːrˌsiːə ˈlɔːrkə/ gar-SEE-ə LOR-kə ), was a Spanish poet, playwright, and theater director. García Lorca achieved international recognition as an emblematic member of the Generation of' 27 , a group consisting mostly of poets who introduced the tenets of European movements (such as symbolism , futurism , and surrealism ) into Spanish literature .


    Photography: @junyasui
    Hair : @mikioaiz
    Make up: @dash.0627
    Model: @enzo.kobayashi
    Styling: @fukami.yoshihiro